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How to make plaid pompoms

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To create a plaid of pompons, we need: – Rama (plywood) 80 to 80 centimeters; – Nails 80-100 pieces; – Yarn. – Scissors.
1. On the frame fills the nails, the distance between the nails should be about four centimeters.

2. This is how should look frame with nails

3. In our case, we use angora yarn, it is warm, you can choose any, Hanks is better to take the big, 500 meters.

4. Thread the upper tie cloves.

5. Every two threaded stud thread on top and bottom.

6. The first series we are done.

7. In order to go on the side of a number, you need to catch the two stud.

8. Side number of the thread we put through two cloves, right and left.

9. When the first round we finished, we start to do the second.

10. Base – 20 yarns, the second layer – 15 yarns of different color, the third layer – 15 strands.
11. The base we have prepared, twenty-wound filaments.

12. Mota fifteen strands of a different color.

13. Make the third layer is wound fifteen filaments, we get a hundred strands each intersection.

14. Now we need to tie the intersection, take a small thread and bandages each intersection, the process is time consuming, but it should perform.

15. At each intersection make a bundle.

16. That’s how we have to look all the intersections of threads.

17. take the middle and cut off our thread, not touching the ground.

18. The incision is made on all four sides of our node.

19. We received a small pompons.

20. They need to straighten hands.

21. Along the edges we do otherwise, it is necessary to cut the thread is strictly middle.

22. Turn out long tassels.

23. Well, that’s it, all ready pompons, tassels, too, made a blanket!

courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina,avito,in-dee

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