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How To Make Ruffled Ric Rac Headband

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To decorate the rim you will need:
strips of fabric (one narrow strip cladding equal to the length of the rim, the second broad band for decorating about 2 times longer than the rim)
glue gun
sewing machine or just a thread with a needle

Step 1. Apply a narrow strip on the rim and sew from the wrong side along the entire length.
Step 2.Razmette strip of fabric at the top of the points every 5cm, do the same at the bottom of the band offset of 2.5 sm.Na picture shows markings on the tape fabric, it is made for clarity, ie we do the same thing on the strip of fabric.

3.Prolozhite step zigzag stitch on the fabric as shown in the photo.

Step 4.Prisborite tissue pulling the thread until the length prisborennoe tissue will not be equal to the length of the rim.

Step 5.Pri help glue gun glue received the rim decoration.

Look how wonderful this looks rim on the head girl.

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