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Making paper flower room decor highlights

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Just a bit tricky collage is only right you have a decorative wreath summer stylish and beautiful room!

Prepare it this instrument:

- Paperboard blue, orange 
- dried branches 
- Zinc 
- green wax paper flowers 

- Kim, just, scissors, glue

Step 1: - Cut the green paper leaf shaped, zinc column using dry twigs together to form a circle. 

Step 2: - Wrap the leaves along the length of the fibers coated with wax paper green leaves form a long rope.

Step 3: 

- Then you wrap the cord around in circles leaf dry twigs forming green circle.

Step 4 - Cut the paper into orange petals, slightly curved claws used nose scissors and paste into the first petal flower. Take the threaded needle and thread the flowers together into long strings. 

Step 5: - Similarly, you make for the rest festoon. You need 10 short-length floral wire, each wire from 8-14 flowers.

Step 6: 

- Column 10 festoon on green circle so that the distance between the strings and tie uniform hanging on the finished side.

Step 7: - You can attach lights or wind chimes in to make a wreath ornament hanging summer window okay!

The beautiful wreath will make your room filled summer air is always there!

You can choose to cover multiple colors more brilliant wreaths again okay!

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