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 Today we will try to put Origami "flowerpot". Not simple, but wonderful - always blooming, do not need watering and fertilizer.Origami "flowerpot" I like their variety of options - you can make a mini-Origami "flowerpot" of three sections for a single flower, four sectional - 3-5 flowers, but you can get a whole little family fun in a pot of six sections. A principle of operation alone.I will show the execution order of 6-sectioned, and you have the opportunity to experiment. 1. Need to work blue double-sided paper pot, red and yellow flower, green leaf. Stalk - 0.4 mm and a wire strip ruffled green paper. Hot glue and glue stick.

2. Pot make of 6 squares of 9x9 cm. The square is folded along the middle lines of the parties. 
3. The lower cut line is aligned with the centreline of the fold. Folds over 1/3 of the folded strip down. 
4. Lateral cut lines aligned with the centreline of the fold. Overturn.

5. The lateral fold line aligned with the centreline so as to bend only a single layer sheet. Repeat with the other hand. One module is ready. 
6. Such elements must be 6 pieces (or 3-4, depending on the selected width of the pot). 
7. Sizing the mid line crease in detail.

8. sizing right side of the module is placed on top left side of the second module. Repeat with all 6 items. Attaching the sixth item, the circle closes. 
9. The bottom of the pot - square 10x10 cm folded in half along the middle line of the fold. The lower right corner is aligned with the fold line so that the lateral line divided in half cut the bottom left corner. Glue. 
10. The lower left corner is aligned with middle fold line at the location where the right angle.

11. The upper-left corner of the cut-off to fold the bottom left corner, the upper right corner is aligned with the line cut the bottom right corner. Corners bend in the middle, paste. Glue the bottom of the hot glue.

12. To take the flower square 8x8 cm. Flowers in a flowerpot can be the same color, but slightly different in tone. Bend at the average square lines of the parties. 
13. All corners of the square to fold the middle, sizing. Overturn. 
14. Bend the resulting square in half, keeping folded up. Fold the left triangle in advance. Right triangle recurve.

15. straighten your finger to get a "cap", crimping, get square. 
16. Fold the side corners to the middle fold line. Overturn. Fold the side corners on the other side. Spreads flower sag bent lateral triangles inside. Compress flower to its original position.

17. The lower corners are bent to one another until the middle line, flip, repeat on the other side. Spreads flower. 
18. To take midway strip 4x10 cm. Folded in half, cut side cut at intervals of 1 mm, dorezaya to fold 5-6 mm.

19. To take a piece of wire stem 18-20 cm. He pulls the middle of a pre-dripped onto the wire with hot glue. 
20. Wire pierces the bottom of the flower, stem stretch into the hole.

21. ruffled strip of paper 1 x 20 cm winding stem, glue the edges. Fold the end of the stem into the ring with a diameter of 3-4 cm - this will give the flower sustainability. 
22. Leaves cut from strips of 8x2 cm folded in half. Glue to the stem. 
23. Sets the colour in Origami "flowerpot" - they will stay there without glue, flower can be pulled at any time and someone to give.

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