''Coral reef'' pen stand

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1. cardboard rolls from the paper towels -2 pcs. 
2. PVA glue, 
3. modeling clay "DAS", 
4. gypsum, 
5. slice width 3mm MDF for the stand, 
6. Acrylic paints, 
7. Brushes, 
8. Rakushnyaka pieces to simulate the bottom 
9. Polymer Clay, 
10. Contours 
11. Ready for an aquarium plastic plants, 
12. Hot pistol, 
13 .Akrilovy varnish "Triora." 
Well, then everything just ... 
I took two cardboard roll from the paper towels, cut out in half with a knife wallpaper on one side of these pieces made ​​bevels. About "figured" the size of the stand bases (3mm MDF), I do not need was great, and so on the table space to spare, but you can do and more. Again with the help of wallpaper -zhe knife give it a shape. 4.

While dried up my preparation, I have to stick different stuff from polymer clay .Koe, where I helped my children. 
Here they are, along with ready-made aquatic plants. 

Plaster dries very quickly. Painting with acrylic paints, too chpokala sponge. 

Well, the assembly: the four blanks taped hot gun. Stones, pieces of my rakushnyaka Crimean fence on gypsum plants - hot gun. Grass - is dry oregano seasoning (which can be another thread), we take the grass, how much we have, add to it the green acrylic paint (for saturation) and PVA glue, this whole mixture was applied on a job where you had to ... 
Front view. ..

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