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So begin! 
1. 2. required for the manufacture of napkins square wooden frame. Along the perimeter, at the same distance, hammered cloves. They are, at the beginning of wound thread basis. Threads can take any than they are thinner, the more turns to do. 
3 . winded two layers parallel to the sides of a square. 
4. And two diagonally. Basis ready. Ties for the last thread and cut carnations. 
5. For the next deck for performing pattern need more fluffy yarn. Pull them exactly the same as the net - basis. The more layers, the more luxuriant obtained pussies on a napkin. 
6. second layer is ready. To attach a picture, prepare pin tied with strong thread. 
7. using a pin as a needle, passing the thread through triangles, connecting two layers of threads and ties strong knot. tie knots at the points where the pattern will be located pussies. 
8. At each point of the figure Ties 4 node, connecting pairs tops triangles. 
9. When you move to another point in the drawing thread spend on the wrong side. 
10.   Wrong side of work. blindfolded figure all nodules. 
11. Obverse. 
12. On the front side are starting to trim the top layer of strands. This requires great care, very easy to cut the warp and then often you can not fix ... 
13.sample cut all the strings in a pattern not tied freeing point basis. 
14. All strings are cut. continue to work on the wrong side. 
15. On the wrong side of Ties missed earlier asterisk basis. 
16. Done! can be removed from the frame. 
17. Carefully cut off the thread with studs. 
18. 's ready and our beauty! Now it needs to be cut and combed. 
19. Finished napkin with his mistress! 

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