White Peacock from plastic bottles

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White Peacock dazzlingly beautiful. Bird – it is sacred. It shines like the sun at midday.

Foam cut out the shape of a peacock.

1.5 liter plastic bottle paint the white paint. Give time to dry. Cropped at the bottom and the neck of the bottle.

Cut the cylinder into pieces

As a result, should have four equal parts of a single bottle. From the rounded neck strips

Cut teeth and folded in half our “feathers”.

The paint is applied to the feathers pattern. We used acrylic paints for facade work.

Linoleum cut out the shape of the future of the tail of a peacock. 1.20-1.40 m Length linoleum.

Sheathe the tail feathers. Awl to make holes and copper wire to fasten the linoleum

Here’s a gorgeous tail should turn

Fasten the tail of the work piece foam nails

Cut out of the bottle cylinder. Cut in half and cloves mode. Fix the wings of conventional nails.

Then we continue the process of peacock feathers

Cut out the shape of a spoon made of plastic

We cut cloves. Legs folded in half.

Draw a pattern

From the neck of the bottle cut out a triangle

Paint a triangle and fold in half

This peacock beak. Fasten first down, then up

Fix the glue feathers on the head. Drawing expressive eyes

To paw poultry use 2 plastic bottles. Fixed to the peacock.

Finishing touch. Choose a place of honor for the peacock. The plastic bottles (leg) and insert 2 tubes buried in the ground


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