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Yarn Octopus

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This octopus made with thread is a perfect toy for your children (as), especially if they are very young and do not run the risk of injury due to its smoothness as it is made with a material highly malleable. We invite you to what you do so you have that nice touch to your child

The materials for this work are:
  • Wool colors.
  • Book or book.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Felt.

To begin with this idea should take the ball of wool (in this homemade blue) and roll it along a book or book until the thread is finished.

The article then short two pieces of wool yarn of a different color from the previous thread (yellow in this home). Then withdraw the first thread of the book (blue). You tie one end of the blue wire with yellow, you should leave plenty of room between the edge and the yellow wire as it will be later hair.

You must conduct a second mooring a few inches lower, it should be in a larger space than the previous one as this will be the face. Cut the top and bottom of the thread.

The mouth can do it by cutting a crescent of red felt. And in the case of eyes, you cut two circles and two white felt circles slightly smaller than previous black felt. Pegas all parts of the face in their respective place and have the formed head.

The strips are longer than got the octopus which clinejas culminate with all the thread and tie allow each to avoid damage.

A doll fun and with minimal risk to our kids play!

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