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Beautiful card with white roses!

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 Beautiful card with white roses! Such a present will complement the main gift to the birthday, Valentine's Day. Give someone you know love in the form of heart.

These lovely roses are made of ordinary sheet of white paper. You must first draw a spiral billet, which the tiers should not be completely straight. Better to draw lines wavy, so the flower will look more natural (though with real petals)

For expressive contour is desirable to use red, pink or peach tones. This may be a marker pen, and pencil are also suitable.

Draw a shape, you must first carefully cut and then cut along each line to the stop. Note that the red contour always remains on top, so the scissors should pass over the line, rather than below it.

Make of this spiral rose royal help large needle and double-sided tape.

Glue a small piece of scotch tape on the tip of the needle.

This sticky end attach to the outer edge of the spiral and slowly wind the paper onto the needle.Adhesive tape will help hold the outer edge of the flower 

When you minimize the bottom line should always remain at the same level, or rose "goes" is not in breadth, and in height (will not lush, but on the contrary, a long and narrow).

together with duct tape. Then you need to stretch every single lepestochek and the outer teeth to bend down.

At the heart of medium size will need about 25 of these flowers. Making heart will be of thick red cardboard.

First, draw the desired option on the registration sheet. The heart can be of any configuration based on your preferences, skills and creative vision of the composition as a whole. Very impressive look any carved patterns: branched or straight lines, shapes, grid, polka dots, stars and others.
Ready sketch is cut and then transferred it to the board.

All internal "work" best done by thin nail scissors.

Determine the position of the place of flowers, too, must be in advance, so it's best to try them first, and then paste.

PVA glue is well suited for this purpose, especially when you consider that within the flower is already sealed by tape and remains only to fix free edges.

When design becomes fixed and completely dry, visible cardboard may be coated with any shiny nail polish.

If desired, you can still make internal background or leave the card as is.
Gift is ready to please others!


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