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Decorate your pots with nail polish

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It's fast, easy, cheap and also you can do it in family because a lot of creativity is needed. Be sure to do this activity in a place well ventilated as glazes have a very strong odor.

You need:

  •  Nail polish in various colors
  • Plants
  • Pots
  • Masking tape
  • Paper to cover your workplace


Think of the design you want to achieve. I used 3 different procedures. Sandblasting, masked, and dotted. The funny thing is that you can combine them and get a pot with two different sides. Then I explain the three procedures.


Pour some enamel around the pot and allow to drain. Repeat as often as necessary and as many colors as you want. Look no precision, the idea is that enamel lines are of different sizes and thicknesses.

Using masking tape covering the pot to achieve geometric shapes. They may be squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. I chose rectangles.

Pinta clearances tape with colored enamel. Let dry very well.

Remove the tape.


I chose two shades of enamel for this procedure. The idea is to form dotted lines with a tone and then in the empty spaces, draw the line but in a different tone.

Once the pots are dry you Throw on some nice plants. If you have potted plants, do not worry, you can follow the same procedures just have to be more careful not to mistreat them.

After the activity I recommend using very clean Great to leave the place where you decorate your pots.


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