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Flower arrangement of paper flowers in the technique of quilling

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gift, interior decoration.
 the production of a composition technique quilling own hands. 

Cardboard 1.5-2 mm thick
for a pastel on paper
bands for quilling,
PVA glue,
glue “Moment-crystal”,
Design from the knife,
ruler, stencil circles,
tool quilling or toothpick,
skewer for application PVA glue. On a sheet of construction paper for pastels (I have the color fuchsia), draw a square with sides equal to the width of the sheet (I have 20 cm). Postponed twice by 1 cm on each side.

On the lines of incised grooves forced to leaf easily bent in the right places. Cut the corners.

Using a ruler bend sheet on all lines.

Merge corners.

Glue resulting paperboard blank.

The result was a neat tablet size 

Getting the production of flowers. For fluffy flowers cut into strips 2 cm wide and 21 cm long, cut in half the strip to make it easier to cut into petals. Fold 1/2 accordion band and planned cutting lines (I deliberately held the line handle to be seen in the photo). Turned 11 petals. On each petal cut into the fringe.

For one flower should be from 40 to 50 petals. Each petal curls in the opposite directions.
Cut a small circle of paper of any color (1.5-2 cm diameter), smear glue and glue the first row of petals. The next series of glue so that the petals are formed in a staggered manner and closed the gaps in the bottom row. We make a 4-5 series. The last row of petals sticking out, cut into two parts.

For midway flower cut into the fringe on a strip of white 1 cm wide and 21 cm long. To cut straight, you can make a strip 3 mm wide and secure grip.

The resulting strip cheat, is pasted end and fluffs.

Pasted in the middle of the flower.

For small blue flowers take strips of 3 mm wide and 30 cm long. Screw and dissolve in the line up to 8 mm.

The line select the appropriate circle (I 23 mm) and collect a flower, glue on top of yellow center.

We make a few more flowers with petals of different shapes.

Leaflets do from light green paste stripes and a darker color.

How to make a flower bud is shown in the following picture.

The first elements of the composition are ready, begin to stick to the tablet. Please attach a bit of sisal,

then flowers.

Adding small flowers and leaves.

Make a dark blue flower with white fluffy midway. Rolls to dissolve up to 11 mm and collect flower in a circle of 36 mm.

While the glue is completely dry, glue flower, giving it the desired curves.

Add a sprig of lavender.

Immediately on the tablet collect flower.

Gradually add new elements.

You can add multiple colors, decorating them midway acrylic.

On the reverse side of the tablet clip and glue label.

The composition is prepared.

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