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How to draw a cloud without brushes and pencils

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how, without watercolors and pencil, you can create, and place a picture of clouds,

To do this, we take the paper tightly, and draw clouds. You can come up with any, to your taste …

cut out

Take the paint for stamps and a sponge on a stick (you can just slice sponge without a stick, if there is no)
rub more tightly 

And attached to a sheet of paper cloud, pressed tightly against him (so as not slid), and the same sponge, start a circular motion as if to rub at the edges of the cloud coming down on paper

like this

And when we remove it turns blue sky and white cloud ..

And applying the cloud side by side, and also to rub ..

can be alternated, one above and one below, as in nature, there are

Drop the second row … Do the same

And so every row, a cloud is omitted, and rub.

In the end, to create a horizontal vertical sheet of paper, and as a rub on the top paper

Here is what a wonderful landscape, we have turned out without brushes and pencils 

courtesy: stranamasterov

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