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How to make basket from cardboard and paper

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I show in detail the process of work.
We need four slices (two – corrugated cardboard with a diameter of 6 cm, one – of Izoplit (can be replaced with a cardboard) of the same size and one of the thick paper 7 cm in diameter), the handle of the plastic bucket, paper strip 42h3 cm.

First, we fix the handle in cardboard detail. For this one – making a hole and the other – the slot.

That’s the way the handle is inserted:

On the reverse side glue circle with slots.

Top glue circle below – paper (here he turned a little small, it is desirable to make the size larger than the actual bottom, the protrusion is 5 mm).

Paper strips add up the accordion (the smaller the better) and connect the region.

We put on an accordion through the handle of the basket and glue to the bottom circle. 

Then decorate the basket to your liking:

This I have tried to put the candy instead of soap. Also well suited as a small gift or candy boxes.

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