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How to make “Blooming lariat”

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Materials required:
– light green beads №10
– №10 red beads
– beads 5 mm in diameter
– beads 8 mm in diameter
– obnimateli for beads
– wire 0.3 mm in diameter
– pins (pins), cap-tyulpanchiki, rings and padlock
– clamping beads
– a strong thread and bead needle

It is necessary to make the flower petals of seven. To do this, type the wire 11 beads and tighten the loop. Next to her a second screw and so on. Excess wire is cut off, and connect the ends to curl. So we got a blank for the flower.

 Flower Assembling
Take pin dress him bead 5 mm, then obnimatel then woven flower earlier and again obnimatel. We shift all the details so that they abut each other, clippers nibble extra segment of the pin, leave much to be enough for the loops you want to bend with the help of pliers. Thus did the 10 flowers.

Weave harness
With a simple circuit mosaic harness weave the cord of light green beads length of about 50 sm. now to the pin with a ring at one end sew harness cut off the excess part of the pin and the Bends small ring. The other end of the harness is necessary to issue the same way.

Fasten the flowers to the cord
Clasp between a 5 and 4 rings beads, alternating with each other as shown in Figure 1 below. Make sure that all the rings were all in the same plane. Now attach the resulting chain by the end of the harness and the other end fastened the harness clasp. Take a flower and fasten it to the ringlet where you attached the lock.
Now to the chain on the other side of the harness fastened remaining florets 9, 2 and 1 on the last flower.

Brush Making
Tie the pin thread, the thread type in the desired number of beads so that the length was low about 7 cm. At the end of the clamping bead dress, hold it, and cut off the excess thread. Repeat the same thing with the second end of the thread. Tie also to the pin five threads and repeat the process, you will have another 10 strands with beads.

Now we have to put a pin in the cap, the excess part of the trim pin and bend the loop else. Fasten the brush to the last ring on a chain with flowers and this beautiful lariat ready.

courtesy: itsmyart

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