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How to make chess sea of salt dough

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From foil to make the shape of the base of the tower.
(We used here are the molds of old chandeliers)

Wraps the form of salt dough, dry them.
And begin to build from the “pebbles” the bottom of the tower.

“Pebbles” spread around.

In the fourth row, two opposites “stone” to do more,
and the center is smoothed.

Build the walls of our towers.
Three rows of evenly spread, and the fourth do a little more
to start getting arch over openings.

To wall at drying not lost a round shape inside insert some foil,
after drying her pull out.

Fifth row – the beginning of the roof, so the “stones” do oblong
and spread them to the center.

Sixth row – “stones” have less.

Close the top of the towers in one piece “pebbles”.

The walls are decorated with algae

and fish.
First, lay out the fins and tail, then make the body in the form of droplets,
oval eyes, mouth do the toothpick.

Another type of fish.

Cut a little star and put it in a doorway,
and in another – the crab.

Crab Ball is made of two small sausages.

On top lay a couple of series “pebbles”.

Dried our towers, paint colors

The edges of the portals we silvered windows

and varnish.

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