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How to make decorative apple rose

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  • Apple rose can be used as an additional option to any bouquet and take them for dried flowers, they are perfectly suited to the composition in combination with the coffee.
  • Take apples , preferably red.

Rub the apples on the shredder.

need to get thin slices.

Pour cold water from the tap.

The citric acid to sleep (for 1 kg of shredded apples – 10 g).

Fall asleep citric acid.

Add salt (1-2 tablespoons). Iodized salt not be added!

Mix the citric acid and salt.

Mix gently, so as not to break the circles.

We reserve 2.3 hours for soaking. Then spread on a cloth on the battery or the radiator to dry.

So they have to look after drying.

Making a rose from dried apples
  • So, how to make a rose apple lang!
  • Take Melt and drip glue.

Glue a wooden skewer. Form a rose bud.

Take the following piece of apple or a so-called lobe and stick around.

Note the apples they prompt a stack them.

 second petal.

The third tab is similar to glue.

Building up bigger apples. The scheme is the same. Petal for petal plant.

To carry out and stick rose petals of dried apples should be carefully and slowly. The lower lobes are not fully stick, bending back slightly.

Here and ready our rosette.

Take floras. tape and wrap the wand.

Bouquet of roses ready inedible! These roses can be used for the decoration of a Christmas wreath or topiary .
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