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How to make heart pendant

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  • Cardboard
  • Clay: office and point-crystal
  • Acrylic paints
  • Lace or lace
  • Lace
  • Beads
  • Pin with a ring
  • Scissors, needle

We trace the pattern on cardboard and cut the workpiece. Number of pieces depends on the thickness of your board. I thin cardboard – packing from cornflakes – so I did three blanks for the bottom and four – to the top – the curb

With the help of glue paper glue all the blanks and put under the press. stack of books can be used as a press.

The dried preform paint in the desired color acrylic paints us

glue the back of the heart

and glue a piece of lace.

Cropped lace around heart contour, leaving a margin on the hem of about 3 mm. Coat with glue the side of the suspension and Fold the lace on the sides. If lace acts – cut off the excess

Coat with glue the curb on the right side of the heart, glue lace

Cut off the excess. Do not forget to leave a margin for hem.

Lubricate the outer and inner side of the glue and glue the edge of the lace. Inside the heart is convenient to apply the adhesive with a toothpick

Liberally grease the inside of the heart glue Moment-crystal and fall asleep beads and beads. You can put the initials. It is very convenient to use for filling the bead mix – a mixture of different-textured and different-size beads one color scale.Dries.And once again the top generously smeared with glue, then you have to beads at the slightest movement does not spill out of the suspension

Glue on the lace side portions

Now we need to mount that will keep heart. Using thick needle to make the top side of the hole, between the needle thrusting paperboard layers

Smeared with glue pin and insert it into the hole. We wait until the glue dries

At the ends of the lace attach beads. That they firmly held, first dress beads on a string, promoting her away from the tip, the tip of the grease glue bead and move on oiled glue place
Thread the string through the ring and tying

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