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How to make kanzashi roses

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 useful idea for flower lover.

Materials: Tape width 3.5 cm, glue (Moment, Titanium or glue gun), lighters, thread or monofilament. For legs I usually take a bicycle spoke (the tip is bent to bulge turned on him then the whole flower is held), here I found a Circuits from a broken table hockey. Probably it is possible to use a wire, not too thin.


That spoke leg length is roughly 25 cm.

Tape mode stretches 7 cm., Sears cuts and make the pitch. Fold the tip to the middle one.

And again to the middle. The tips are picked up by a lighter.

Similarly, on the other hand. The lower edge of the petals entire seal is not necessary, just in the center to keep the tips, if all the solder, then it will be inconvenient to sew. The joint must be in the middle, in any case not to glue the overlapping on each other.

Sometimes it works like that. (Somewhere snapped a couple of mm smaller than the tape …)

Then you still need to stick to the tip of the middle. I then try these petals positioned closer to the center.

I like when the two-tone rose. I usually make 18 to 23 petals. If the middle, another color, 3-5 lobes.

Then take a thread with a needle and begin sewing.

Each subsequent lobe sew under the previous one. And slowly Shirring.

Here is what you should get.

Now, take the needle. Wrapped her teip-band or narrow green satin ribbon. I’m starting to wrap the bottom. From the tape of the same color as the middle,, cut out a circle, the edge of the Searing.

Wash circle in a circle, dripping in the middle of a little glue and tightens the thread tightly around the top of the spokes. And a few more times to flash around. Nothing should hang out.

The first petal wrap around the center and also in a circle to flash several times. Sewn tightly to the circle, which is sheathed around the top. The lower the entire structure moves, the better. I try that would have held the needle higher than the seam, which sewed the circle to the spokes.

Just when sew 2, 3, 4 petals, try to capture the same center. And then to the previous series. The seam should go in a spiral, in parallel, it is not necessary to sew over the edge.

When I sew, always follow that the petals were on the same plane (reverse side must get a flat).

The reverse side, where all the joints, pour glue (moment or Titan), and then put your feet up until the glue dries.


And then begins my favorite part. Each petal from the center. Gently heat the middle of the top edge, and pinch with your fingers to get a sharp corner. Clamping can not strictly in the middle, you can retreat to 1-2 mm to the side, see how you like more.


Then the leaves. I’ll show a different tape, because when did Rose, sat batteries fotike. Leves must be the same color as the leg or very close. Tape width 1.5 cm. Can be cut in half along the 3.5 cm. Cut 6 pieces by 8 cm. Fold in half face inward, hold the tweezers diagonally cut off and without moving the tweezers immediately sealed lighter slice.

Here is a blank. The upper edge of the cut does not extend to the corner – so then it is easier to turn out.

Triangles that are left, we put on the cut line and also sealed.

Then I will draw. Circle – the flip side of the rose, which is filled with adhesive. Sticking to the back side of the first blank triangles – 6 pieces, face to the rose. I first glue the top and bottom (opposite each other), and then the remaining therebetween. Symmetrically.

Then glue the top between the remaining 6 leaves. I put here WRONG leaf, glue should be the other way around.

Here you can see how it should work.

Twist in all directions flower, which can be seen if the thread, just more glue petals to the leaves.

Cut-to-face, without a template. Tape width 3.5 cm.

while a little stretch, get a wavy edge.

Fold inside out and hold on the crease of the fire (cigarette lighter) is not very fast. (Should get a fold, but should not get a hole. If the hole is obtained, the sheet thrown in the next increase the speed.) Tuck should not extend to the tip of the sheet about a centimeter.

Then we put the tip of the leaf, which did not reach the fold already seamy side inward and also carry a lighter.

Wrong Side. It turns out, the central fold comes first on the face, and then on the wrong side.

Then do the veins. Hold the tweezers into the underside of the same place, from which the central fold changes direction. First one and then the other.

The next couple of streaks do on the other side – we press the front inside.

The following pair again on the contrary – we press into the underside.

Finally, the fourth pair – face inward.

Result. In these leaves, even if the size and need another – larger or smaller, always make 4 pairs of veins. I tried a different – not like it. If the pins or brooches, these leaves are ready. I usually make 2 pieces suitable shades 8-10 and then sculpt. as you like.

Wrong Side.

Side obtained here is a zigzag.

For this rose is cut a little below.

Singeing sections.

Glue to the place where you like. Just smear glue the ends and first leaf around one leg and then the other opposite.

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