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How to make origami dahlias

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Flower consists of 24 modules. The flowers are quite large, because the modules I took the squares with a side of 10 cm.
The basic form of “double square” free ends at the bottom.

With Fire side (only the upper layer) to the middle. One module is ready.

Necessary for the first row of eight modules.

Glue, as in the photo.

The first row is ready.

The view from the other side

For the second series of such modules are needed.
Bend the middle of the first and second layers, each in its direction.

8 modules are ready.

We connect with the parts composed of the first row, as it were, putting them on the front row bent corners, and pasted. The modules of the second row are arranged on two modules of the first row.


And this flower can be used. But we will continue to work. As you have seen the number of rows can be anything. I’ve got 3.

Modules for the third row can be, as for the second. But the best of the top layer corners inflect inward. The corners of the lower layer to make a second-line because they will be put on the second row.

8, the third row of modules.

The third row.

Let’s wait until the glue dries and swollen flower.

For this flower to use the module size of 7×7 cm.

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