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How to make paper box “Garden” card

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To do this we need to:
1. Two sheets for scrapbooking.
2. A couple of sheets of colored paper.
3. Stained glass, or watercolor paint.
5.Figurnye scissors.
6. Glue.
7. Pencil.

Take the first sheet, a ruler and a pencil and put off by 2 cm on the edges. 2 cm in length, 2 cm wide. 

We take our flowers and on the cover of our boxes neatly and beautifully their sticking. I laid out and pasted them in the form of a heart. The final touch, it is possible in my case stained glass paint or sprinkle the surface of the box. It turns out very beautiful and bright. 

We got a very bright, neat gift box. As such, doubly nice to give a gift. After all, so much love invested in this work.

courtesy: livemaster

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