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How to make recycled paper flowers

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Reusing paper filters for filtering cookies or coffee, wooden sticks for skewers or sticks sushi and a bit of tape we can make simple flowers, fast and will serve to decorate a cake, cupcakes, or put them in a vase. We just have to put several papers, one on another, through them with a wooden stick with a strip of tape to secure the paper base of the stick.
Another option is to fold the paper in half (and then again) by a "petal". We all folded papers together, we press the point where all the tips of the paper come together, we turned a little to unite them and put duct tape. These flowers (without stick) used to decorate gifts or make beautiful wreaths with ribbons of fabric. If you hit a hook hair they are a perfect accessory, and also serve to put them directly on the wall and renovate the space.

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