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How to make simple scarf storage

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Step 1: Materials.
The main element and surely easier to get- is a clothes hanger, those who always use. I recommend the wood as they are firmer.
Second, we need rings. Here I use to put on the curtains. There is a very low cost.
And finally, we will use a tape. I chose white because it is the color of my rings and makes them less obvious, but there are some of many colors and even patterned that can give a different touch.

Step 2: the rings

Arrange the rings on the hook and attach them with tape. In this case, I used only 12 rings, but if you have lots of scarves can use many more, but not letting handkerchiefs touch the ground.
Step 3 : Paste the rings

Do not forget that the rings must also join. The important thing is that they are firm to the hook and also between them. So your hanger will in this way.
Step 4: Add your handkerchiefs
Now that our hanger is ready, accommodates one to one your handkerchiefs. You can join them as designs, colors or as you prefer. You can even put more than one ring. I hung it in my closet and they were perfect.

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