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How to make star burst mirror in the interior

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first see some creative ideas of mirror

This method is described Allison. Time for the manufacture of 3-4 hours, cost $ 25 (I think we have it will be cheaper).
You will need:
  • round car mirror (convex)
  • plywood disc the same size as the primary mirror
  • metal rods (such as knitting needles or something similar)
  • small mirror with a diameter of about 5-7 cm, or round mirror mosaic
  • tube “sealing liquid” (special glue for metal) or hotmelt
  • Metallic paint-bank + brush or spray.
All steps can be seen in the pictures.

This project is the author calls “my three-dollar mirror.” In fact, the investment is minimal, and the effect of the original. About $ 3 – a little coquetry: =), but what is the most economical method of all is not in doubt. I’m a little modify a proposed by the author of the technology to improve design reliability.
You will need:
  • the easiest round mirror (any diameter) rimless
  • set of wooden skewers for kebabs (or other thin wooden sticks)
  • the simplest dish
  • quality double sided tape
  • silver spray paint from a container (such as a car or interior), though maybe you will like golden or other colors (better contrast to the walls)
  • slightly thicker wires for fixing to the back (holder wall).
Further, the picture is very detailed all the steps. But I would have done a little differently: wooden sticks using double-sided tape is attached to the first surface of the reverse mirror. Then, on top of the sticks impose another layer of adhesive tape and have it fastened plate. To design can be hung on the wall – do a double strip of wire loop and fixed on the plate on opposite sides of the diameter. All!

You will need:
  • round mirror
  • solid foundation of plywood or support for flowers (. is on sale in Ikea, see step 1) – and a base diameter of the mirror should be approximately 2: 1 ratio
  • flat wooden stick with a sharpened edge of 2 types (long, short, wide and narrow)
  • contact paper with an adhesive layer on both sides or a high-quality double sided tape
  • clippers, scissors, hammer, sanding paper
  • wood glue in a tube (not instant action!) and a narrow brush to it
  • silver paint in the can
  • masking tape or a small piece of furniture film with an adhesive layer – a little more than the size of the mirror
  • metal mount for hanging the mirror on the wall and furniture 2 tack
  • thick books or magazines – to create a “press” and “support”.

Step 1:
If you choose to base stand for flowers from Ikea – start with, remove the rollers

Step 2:
Cut out of the contact paper circle on the diameter of the mirror.
If you are using double sided tape, – chop a few strips to lay them in a row and thus completely cover the back surface of the mirror.

Step 3:
Connect with each other and the base of the mirror using a paper adhesive or adhesive tape, prepared in step 2.
The side on which were mounted rollers should be back.

Step 4:
Divide each of the types of sticks into 2 parts, the result should have 4 piles.
Half of the thin wire cutters cut about 1 \ 4, a half wide by about 2 cm. You get 4 types of rods. Separate from each side approximately one-third – you will fix them to the rear of the unit.
Important: before you cut all make “fitting length”, focusing on pictures in steps 6 and 9.

Step 5:
Walk all the sanding paper sticks, after this procedure, the paint will fall on them absolutely straight.

Step 6:
Place 3 sticks of type (two – and one wide – narrow ones for the outside – remember step 4) in a circle, alternating between them as shown in the figure.
Around the base enclose the books to support

Step 7:
Remove from the circle for one stick, and attach them to the plywood base, tightly clutching at the time of joining.

Step 8:
After gluing all the sticks of the steps 6-7 to remove adhesive residue with a toothpick.
Step 9:
Place the top of the press of books, covering pre-product paper and leave to glue a couple of hours (this step is not shown in the figures, but I strongly advise not to miss it).

Step 10:
The remaining sticks – remember step 4 (long, narrow) glue on the back side of the base, keeping the same distance between them.

Step 11:
Repeat Step 9 for the remaining short rods of various lengths, putting them in between narrow.
Again, remove the excess glue with a toothpick and place the press (see. Steps 8-9) for optimum adhesion.

Step 12:
On the reverse side of the structure, attach the holder, by which the mirror is hung on the wall.

Step 13:
Close the mirror of the masking tape or furniture film (the latter should not be pressed too far).
Step 14:
Spray paint silver according to the instructions on the can, after having put the product on a completely level surface (avoid drips).

Step 15:
Remove the protective film or tape with mirror surface after the paint stops sticking to your hands.
ALL! Your exclusive fashionable thing ready!
courtesy: liveinternet

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