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Original watch from the wooden sticks

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Necessary materials
1. The working mechanism of hours with arrows.
2. Wooden sticks, perfectly suited from under the ice cream (about 44 pieces).
3. Beautiful beads of black and white (about 84 pieces).
4. Mini CD ROM
5. line.
6. Drill.
7. The lid of the box from the milk.
8. A thin rope
9. Clay

It is necessary to make a mark on wooden sticks with one side of 5 mm, and on the other – 20 mm.
Step 2
According to the planned points, drill holes with a thin drill.

Step 3
A 5 mm hole all the rods necessary to thread the rope tight and tie a knot. The ends are cut off.

Step 4

After opening the second rope is passed as follows: bacillus, white and black bead and then again coli and so forth. Between these two sticks beads are not needed. Thread the two holes in both ends of the sticks and tie a knot. Remains of cut.
step 5

The lid should fit the size of the inner circle. It is necessary to drill a hole as wide as the fixing screw on the mechanism of a clock.Paste it on the inner circle
step 6

Using glue to connect the cover to the inner circle.
step 7
CD ROM should be glued to a hollow portion of the cap.
Step 8

On the drive mechanism itself is fixed hours.
Step 9

It is necessary in the hole on the back side of the lid insert and secure the arrow.
Stunning clock ready.
courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina

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