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15 Awesome Crafts Involving Old Light Bulbs

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throwing out light bulbs when they burst and no longer works makes you feel a little bit stressed. Besides the fact that putting glass things in your garbage or recycle risk having them break and cut someone on garbage day, it also feels so wasteful! Have you ever considered upcycling your old light bulbs into awesome DIY projects instead? Here are 15 awesome DIY projects that you could make with those light bulbs instead of throwing them away.

1. Air plant terrarium

2. Hanging light bulb flower pots

3. Hot air balloon mobile

4. Light bulb oil lamp

5. Red spider garden decor

6. Tiny ecosystem

7. Hanging water terrariums

8. Spice containers

9. Sparkly snow man ornaments

10. Steampunk light bulb jewelry

11. Mini standing vase

12. Mini snow globes

13. Candy filled favours

14. Penguin tree ornaments

15. Light bulb bumblebees

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