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Band cover for the book

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Favorite book, a notebook or notepad you can decorate, decorate satin or silk ribbons. Make the cover of the ribbons is a snap, you will need quite a bit of time, but the result will please you long enough. To work need to make the cover of the volume, narrow ribbon and glue.

Measure and cut the ribbon cover slightly greater length of  the entire surface of the cover glue sintepon  Excess sintepon prune  now begin to glue the ribbon on the inside cover of  On top of the glue a ribbon of the same color, side - another  Scourge checkerboard  edges glue ribbons  ribbons should not be over tightened to book a loosely fitting  Close the glued ends of the ribbons other ribbons as pictured below  From ribbons make flowers to decorate  Glue ready stamens and flowers  that's all) Good luck to you in the works!

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