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Glass bottle of Acetone for degreasing the glass knife Adhesive tape paper pencil loop acrylic lacquer surround Gold Acrylic Blue Acrylic Acrylic Maya Gold Copper Cold Porcelain two colors blue and white PVA glue Toothpicks carpenter for the formation of streaks on the petals of flowers
Brush flat №2 capacity with water Cotton swab Napkin

Method of manufacturing:
bottle, pasted with paper tape.

Drawn dynamic spiral islands strech out pointy and cut 

Blue acrylic drawing, to dry and added copper acrylic nuances. Dry, cleaned and varnished the entire tape.
But this haze of the bottle gone after painting (which I did not foresee). It was necessary to varnish without removing tape.

The rest are not shaded surface of the bottle, covered with gold dots loop

Because of the cold porcelain or plastic shaped leaves and flowers buds as soon as the leaves slightly , glued on PVA carpenter's glue to the bottle. Dry flowers and decorate the edge of a flat brush


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