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Blooming plastic tree

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First I cut the leaves of green plastic bottle. Leves cut different size and with a sharp end and at the other obtuse.

Then the edge of a leaf was burned matches and an awl to make holes around the blunt end.

on a thin wire dial small yellow beads 3 pieces, then a large pink and then again 3 yellow, curl, threading one end of the wire into the leaf. Add another 3 or 2 yellow beads and twist the two wires together. I should get a leaf in the photo.

Winding wire thread floss, and we turned a leaf.

Putting the leaves in the branches

From collecting twigs tree trunk wrapped with thread and floss. To add a trunk was thicker wire and woven into a common trunk.

We find the form which will be your tree, and fill with plaster and paste tree. We make stones, seashells, greens.


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