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How To Make 3D Origami Peacock

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3d origami peacock is very useful for decoration. just need few hard work. first learn to make pieces. we have to need many pieces for this work.

Begin to make the tail. We spread the modules as follows:

The result was a chain of two rows of modules. In the first row of modules 25, 24 in the second row of the module.

Now we will alternate: one white, 5-orange.

Next, lay out the modules, as in the photo:

We are building up the modules in the form of an arch, putting them at each other one pocket on the 7 modules on each side and one on top of the anchor.

It turned 8 arches.

Next, lay out, as shown in the photo.

Now we start to do the pen. Alternating modules, see photos:

The pen is ready. So you need to make 7 feathers.

Insert the tail feathers between the arches. The result here is a tail.

Getting to the body. The chain units are closed in a circle. We get the Circle of modules of 2 rows: 10 modules in each row. We spread the 3rd row.

Then lay out the 4th row.

Now we will increase the number of modules in half. In every corner of the modules we put on one module with one pocket.

It turned out 20 units.

Next, lay out the modules of color, as shown in the photo:

Side view:

The last row to reduce the number of modules 14, thus putting the modules: in one corner of the pocket 2, in another -1.

Then we do the neck, alternating units of color, as shown in the photo.

Now head. Here, too, everything is clear: see photo. The modules are turned by the other party.

The trunk is ready. Glue gun glue the tail to the body, neck, legs, consisting of 3 modules.

Glue eyes decoration on the head (in the "quiling" technique). Our Peacock ready.

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