How to make blooming onion flower

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To work needed
materials: paper-purple color two shades (light and dark); paper strip light green 1.5mm; Floral wire 0.5mm;  0.5m floral ribbon or crepe paper; cut a thin thread, PVA glue and “Titan”. 
Tools: curly punch; tweezers; Manicure scissors with straight and curved ends; awl; large needle; tool for twisting rolls or toothpick; Melt. As well as “tricky” device for the manufacture of ball D = 1 cm.

We cut down all at once the blank (I have 86 light and 64 dark). This means that the flowers in the inflorescence is 64 and 22 buds.

After cutting, puncture with a needle or a thin awl all work on the center.

Bright attach the form of narrow petals with scissors with rounded ends (left) and dark – a form of “stars” (the rays were as narrow as possible) – scissors with straight ends (right).

Cut blanks pistils – 1/8 strips (86 pieces).

Twist the rolls (this time played on a toothpick, because the holes need more) …

Attach them to a cone shape (what people used to use, I was approached by an awl) and inside the coat with white glue.

make stars

Begin assembling flower. 
Dress the cone, the narrow side to the needle so that the tip of the needle was speaking at 2-3mm …

Put a PVA glue to the center of “stars” 

press cone to the “star” in the center – aligning the end of the needle with a hole in the “star” 

Without removing the needle with your fingers, hold “asterisk” to it as closely as possible to lay down a cone …

Now we take the light harvesting and glue it to the previous item, also combining in the middle.

Cut the wire at 3.5 cm (on the one hand, I touched up her dry pastel purple).

Insert the wire (tinted side), dipped in glue, in the future flower. Immediately lubricates PVA glue tips of “stars” and quickly …

Take the thread beforehand missed with white glue and the dried, dipped in glue and inserted into the cone-pestle. The thread can be either light yellow or pale lilac. Sewing thread insert without cutting it into small pieces, and the whole, and giving a little to grab the glue cut off the desired length. Here’s our flower (one of 64) ready.

All the flowers and buds  are ready.

Now they need to collect in the inflorescence. This requires the ball center of the foam …

do it yourself, which is useful and “tricky” tool.

Ready … not perfect (sandpaper did not use), but I was so happy.

Crash green pouche (a poet) and colour.

Begin assembly – Two …



SIXTEEN. We looked trim and put on the glue,

Next comes a series of staggered. Based on my experience, I advise the ball, initially, the entire puncture needle where the flowers are.

Make a stem. wrapped with floral tape blunt end leaving 3-4mm to shear “sun”, for large area bonding.

The stem is better to stick as soon as collected hemisphere. Use Melt – one drop and quickly pressed against the ball.After bonding of the stem collect second hemisphere, similar to the first.

Here and ready our inflorescence. Buds I pasted below, but you can do as you like. And that stems look more natural …

courtesy: filosofyfree

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