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How to make flower doll from paper

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The name of this technique is very beautiful: Flower doll. And it is called so because the whole artifact is made of modules classical Kusudama Superbowl. Sometimes called the Superbowl or Clove Flower Kusudama Kusudama. This exquisite Kusudama consists of forty identical modules that are sewn into the bowl. And from the individual modules of different sizes can be all kinds of tinkering doll. The module first may seem too simple, but after a little practice it is easy to perform even elementary school students.
Prepare white office paper for the costume of Pierrot, color – to dresses Malvina. To dress the best to take the motley wrapping paper, which is sold in rolls in the departments of gift wrapping. Then there is no limitation in the size of the paper sheet. Hair will need double-sided black and blue paper.

  • First you need to choose how to do head doll. There are different options. You can take a ping-pong ball or foam. There is a way more complex, they often are manufacturers of paper dolls. Wound on a cotton ball stick, coated with white glue, dry, abraded heavily. Papered with corrugated paper. I took the white mass for the molding of children’s recruitment. (I clay, Amos, South Korea). After modeling after a while it freezes in the air becomes light, compact but elastic, like a rubber. It is good to paint markers. The ball size is about three centimeters in width put on a toothpick.
  • To make your hair, take strips of paper 3×6 cm and cut into very thin fringe (about 1.5 mm). Then Cut into smaller strands.
  • Using toothpicks zavey curls. Half of the strands must scroll in one direction, the other half – the other.
  • Stick the first row locks.

  • The third row is already covers the entire head.

  • Glue . All in all a haircut took about 20 cm of fringe. Of course, variants of hairstyle can be a huge number. You can make them even from the thread.
  • For head Piero curls to do shorter. The strips 4 cm long. They can be curled slightly with the fingers.

  • The head is also glued in three rows
  • Now it is necessary to lay down the modules themselves. Put them on the circuit module Kusudama Superbowl. For Pro modules need white squares in the following sizes. The body – 1 module from the square with a side of A4 21 cm, sleeves and trousers – 4 modules of 12 cm squares, cuff – 2 modules of squares of 8 cm, collar and cap – 10 modules of 8 cm squares.
  • Take the module-sleeve and set in it the module-cuffs. Ensure that all folds uniformly distributed.

  • Take the thread with a needle, make a big knot and sew the sleeves to the body.
  • Con-ins inside the pants. Ornaments can be made in the technique of quilling. A strip of paper (27h0.7sm) incision is very small fringe, tight curls on the awl, pasted, then fluff.
  • Collect on a thread 9 modules for the collar.

  • Collect the whole figure as a whole, strengthen the cap on his head.
  • To suit Malvina Gather the following modules. The dress and the underskirt – of squares with a side of 26 cm, sleeves – 2 modules of 12 cm squares, cuff – 2 module white squares of 8 cm and a wreath – 9 modules of 7 cm squares.

  • To make the collar, follow steps 1 – 9 Module Kusudama Superbowl. Cutting this way.
  • Cut out all the layers together. Then, cutting  collar.

  • Collect on a thread 9 modules for the wreath. Inside each flower, you can paste a bead or ball of weight for sculpting.
  • Collect the whole doll in its entirety. Puncture a hole in the dress and collar. Insert a toothpick, which is attached to the head, strengthen wreath. The dress can be decorated with flower (module of 6 square cm).

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