How to make gift bags for sweets

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Purses liked in maxi version, and I will show mini-version. Bonbonniere 3 candy. Ideal for treats in a kindergarden, a school, any children’s party.
What you will need:
1. Thick decor paper for scrap paper or cardboard + packing paper. It is also possible variant of cardboard + wallpaper.
2. Glue
3. The tube of floral mesh, or food film, foil or baking
4. Scissors
5. Stationery knife
6. The cord or thin ribbon
7. decor.
8. Beads

The first thing you need to decide the length of the tube. I in a sample length of 12 cm.
On it cut out those parts of the cardboard: round bottom and cover wrapper on the phone, in fact itself “bag.”

Wrapped tube.

Glued bottom.

Because doing cord loop.

Pasted on the inside of the cover-circle.

All items ennoble braid.

Glue the lid. Along the length of loops determine the location of the beads so that the bag can be opened and closed. Sticking bead.

In the center of handbags glue in a tube.

Ties, decor, bag ready!)))

In the mini-version of the fit 3 big candy. Small – a few more)

courtesy: stranamasterov

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