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Materials and tools:
1. corrugated paper (Italy 180 gr.) - Blue (# 557), White (# 600), green (# 591)
2. wire (thin)
3. teip Feed (dark green)
4. skewers
5. PVA glue
6. scissors
7. candy (I - "Fan Fan")
8. Food film
9. paint (I gouache), brush
out of the blue paper on a flower squares cut 6 6 6 or 7 cm by 7 cm. The squares are cut diagonally and one inverted triangle, so to get the "rays". PVA glue stick triangles with a thin wire between them.

According to the pattern or on the eye, the edges are cut and made waves.

Candy wrapped in foil (for me, it's sweet, ) Of white paper cut out a square of 5 by 5 cm, is a fringe and wrapped candy (tails inside), all tied with thread 

The staggered, giving the leaflets curved shape, pick a flower.

Of the green paper cut leaves.

The staggered by teip-ribbon to the stem, the leaves are added.

Then, with white paint (I just gouache) and dry brush, you can walk on the petals of a flower.

Then - yellow.

Irises are ready!

courtesy: stranamasterov

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