How to make napkin rings

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enjoy doing them – it is easy, and the result is a very beautiful gift,
which can give your friends and family. Yes, moreover, it is not expensive. 
This set of rings has found his mistress,

The first thing to determine the diameter of rings of 3.5 – 4.5 cm.
And to find the diameter of the pipe on which we will wrap the twine.
I took a rolling pin, 3.2 cm in diameter.
Wrap the rolling pin plastic bag and secure it to not get through the polyethylene adhesive.
Polyethylene need to rings after drying can be easily removed.
With the tree they will be removed and glued.

In a bowl pour the PVA glue, put it in the cords and cords should be dipped in a glue

We start to wind the twine on a rolling pin, putting an end to the twine wound under the ring.
Excess adhesive can be removed with twine spent it between his fingers.

Make your desired number of turns. I think 10 to 20, is no longer worth it. I have 11 turns.

The end of the twine again hide under the ring wound someone than convenient. I do it with the tip of a knife.

On my rolling pin fits 6 rings, just need to dial the number.
Drying the whole structure 1 – 2 days, depending on the heat.
By the way, you can put on the battery when nearly grabs.
We do not have heat, I was drying in the bathroom on the coil.

The dried rings are removed very easily. They are very strong.
Top and bottom of the dried glue sticks. It must be cut with scissors.
By the way, do manicure much easier.

Well, already beautiful – right?

And the fun begins – the decor. Decorating can be anything – seashells, glass Marbles, beads, polubusinami, buttons, flowers of paper and fabric, etc. In general, all that comes to mind. 

At first I was struck by the edges of the liquid pearls, and then pasted glass,

But do not just ring was presented – it is not beautiful, and not culturally.
I make such a box. Box this time specifically does not papered.
And I decided to paint packaging corrugated cardboard Acrylic – first red,
leaving pieces of natural background and white top.

Since rings look in the box. Here it is – ready to gift!

courtesy: filosofyfree

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