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These are the flowers I got

Briefly describe the work process

to begin to make here a flower

sleva petals smaller, more to the right, the middle buds and stamens

take wire any circular shape

remove the wire and attach an acute form

small petals are also doing, but take the form of a smaller

wrapped with nylon, for small leaves, I took the nylon tightly

Well, something like this

paint. I painted corrugated paper, it just flooded with boiling water

buds: on the wire

proceed to the stamens

thread soaked in glue PVA

dried, cut and bent

making a solution of starch and PVA glue paint, all 1: 1

dip the ends of the thread

dry them


leaves similar to other smaller

collect flower

connect the flower bud

then leaves

that's what happens

connect to 2 flower

then again connect

You can leave and so, but I still plastered and gypsum, as a string of uneven lay,, where the plaster has dried paint

Further taking tray flower pot

Cut the foam circle

and fasten flower


and decorate stones. of course u came not very detailed, but can someone come in handy

courtesy: liveinternet

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