How to make pineapple from the bottle

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Upper lobes cut out a shape, a width of approximately 1.5
– 2 cm and a height of 7-8 cm.

Sami scales width of 2 – 2.5 cm long and 9 centimeters
folding is not necessarily in the middle, the best one the
tip of the other shorter. Fold paper twist and stretch at
the bend locations at once 2 halves. Inside, between
them I have them stick together glue droplet. If the scales
are short, we will see the bottle and turn ugly.

That begins wrapping the bottle in a checkerboard
pattern. Top tip – do not tear off the label !!!! To bare the
bottle very hard to stick (especially Italian crepe paper).
Bad assistant with the paper and tape !!! Of course, if you use an ordinary crepe paper for school (I did of a
paper Christmas tree) is suitable glue pen and tape.
Second pineapple glued Melt – quickly and accurately !!!
Often, i.e. rows close to each other to stick is not
necessary – it turns dumb (tested)))

Optionally, you can paint the finished pineapple

And it is possible, and leaves from the bottom, “attach”.
Beauty Get pineapple bottle low, a round.

That such leaves I made soapstone pallet.

courtesy: liveinternet

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