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 make plastic cups and plastic bottles organizers. So now it looks like a table with different accessories, sprays, pencils, cotton swabs, etc.

A large box of the bottom of the five-liter plastic bottle

This is the inside of the box. The result was very roomy.

It is of a plastic cup from the cotton swabs.

decorate as desired, according to the idea and imagination. 

Inside, everything is simple, no frills.


Now make another organizer. Take the cup  do everything in one color. Using x / cotton fabric.

This is what you will need for the job.

From cardboard cut out two circles to-bottom design.

The smaller the circle will be put in a glass.

to do circles.

That's what happens.

We are making the necessary measurements: circumference of the cup.

The height of the cup.

Now sew "hand" or "pipe" according to the standards removed

Here it is "hand" in all its glory.

Not turning out the front of the contract the one end of the sleeve, this part will be in the bottom of the cup

try on. OK.

Apply at the bottom of the glass glue and glue the sleeve tightened our side.

That's how it will look.

On a smaller circle of cardboard, glue is applied.

And -to glass.

All is well! The inner part is ready

turn over the cup, well we stretch the fabric, straighten.

Take the needle and thread and tightens tissue anchoring.

And close screed, prepare the bottom.

Ribbons decorate joint.

Glitter closing spot gluing

Add more decorations and everything! Done!

Return cotton swabs on the table, but in a new "house." When the organizers are designed in the same style as the aesthetic becomes something on the table.


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