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You need

  • wood panel
  • paper
  • the template for the Journal
  • Acrylic paint and brush, white spray paint (if you want the panel also paint)
  • Yarn in dark and light green
  • many nails
  • small pliers, hammer, scissors
  • masking tape

Scene Draw

First, you, paint the wood panel. Here was chosen White because as the green yarn will look good. As long as the paint dries, you can draw your own template on paper. Put your template on the board and stick with masking tape the corners firmly.

hammering nails into the board

Now resorted to Hammer. Beat the nails along the template in the painted sheet. A distance between the nails of about 5 mm is good, of course it can also vary with the strength of your yarn. A little help, so you will be housed on the thumb you, you can take to help to fix the nails small pliers.

spraying nails

If all the nails were carved into the board, you can easily tear off the sheet with the template. The possibly leftover paper residue can be removed with tweezers. The nails can then be sprayed in the color of the plate.


If you decided for the sheet form, then you start with the dark green yarn, to you each knotest to the inner corner of a sheet splitting and then connect with each other each nail this blade part.
Start with the bright green thread about in the middle of the sheet splitting and thus connect the nails to "leaf edge" back. This results in a shading. Repeat this for each blade section until you're done. Knot the respective ends of the filaments determined simply on each nail.

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