5 Foods which Strengthen your Brain and ADD BRAINPOWER

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foods that are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. According to many different studies the following are the best foods for improving brainpower.

Foods for Brain Power

#1 Walnuts

Mother Nature has its own ways on working and showing us the good stuff. One of her masterpieces are walnuts which are shaped like brain telling us that they are good for the brain. It is really impressing right?
According to a study conducted back in 2009 on mice, diets rich in nuts reversed signs of aging in the brains of old rats, including the ability of the brain to function and process information. Another study from 2010 done on mice with Alzheimer’s disease showed that after consuming nuts they improved the memory, motor coordination and learning as well. 
These studies showed that we can use nuts for improving brainpower since they are rich in antioxidants that can combat the damage to brain cells’ DNA caused by free radicals in our bodies.

#2 Carrots

Since very young age we have been consuming carrots in order to improve our sight, but recently was discovered that carrots can also be used for good brain health. They have high amounts of luteolin which is a compound that can reduce age-related memory deficits and inflammation in the brain. This was even proven with mice who had reduced inflammation in their brains with consumption of 20ml luteolin a day. 
Another great sources of luteolin are olive oil, peppers and celery.

#3 Fish

According to some studies eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids could help slow typical cognitive decline that comes with age. One of those included people older than 65 who ate 2 fish meals per week for whole 6 years. They found out that these people had 13% decrease in cognitive decline, compared with people who didn’t eat any fish regularly. People that consumed 1 fish meal per week had 10% decrease in cognitive decline.

#4 Coffee and tea

It has been proven that coffee and tea besides keeping you awake, can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve cognitive function. A study done on mice who were more likely to develop Alzheimer’s due to genetics, found out that caffeine coffee can slow down the progression or even stop its development at all.

Tea is also good for the brain which was proven by drinkers who did better on tests on memory and information processing than non-tea drinkers did.
#5 Spinach
A really small number of people liked eating spinach as kids, but now that we know how healthy it is that has changed. Spinach is rich in vitamin C and E which can help improve cognitive abilities.
According to a study done back in 2000, rats whose diet was supplemented with vitamin E had 500 to 900% increase in brain and nerve tissue and release of dopamine-which controls flow of information to different parts of the brain over an eight-month period.

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