bouquet of colored paper decorations made super romantic gift box

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Just a little patience and dexterity that you can make a very cute gift box to give to friends and a boyfriend. With this simple way, then even a male you can do that home!

- Gift box
- Paper color cover
- Small ribbon bows
- Tools Quilling

- Scissors, glue

Step 1:
- Cut the blue sheet of paper 5 x 0,3cm do pistil, orange paper (pink, blue) sheet 6 x 0,6cm make petals.

Step 2:
- Next, cut tassels along the length of the plate orange 6 x 0.6cm, diagonal cut short one end of the tassels.

Step 3:
- You apply adhesive paste paper plate connected with tassels orange green paper plate 5 x 0,3cm.

Step 4:
- Place the green paper in the slot Quilling tools, all curled up strips of paper, glue fixed.
Note: Without this tool, you can replace it with a small tree like a toothpick and roll around trees.

Step 5:
- You get both swept roll slightly separated section above tassels flower shape. Similarly, you add the flower with purple, yellow, blue, pink ...

Step 6:
- Cut one sheet of paper yellow squares are smaller than the size of a little gift box. You fold the two edges to the middle, fold two opposite corners above small triangle shaped bouquet out.

Step 7:
- Then you stick the decorative flowers in bouquets. Finally, add the paste pretty little ribbon bow outside bouquet is finished.

Watching the beautiful small lovely bouquet of us come on!

In doing this 3D bouquet, you can optionally add creativity different patterns decorating bouquets for gifts more in love.

Not so much the cost, but you still get a cute gift!
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