Coconut leaves used as super unique mural

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 If you are available to plant coconut trees, try reference scene right way to do this leaf mural watch it!
To make the mural , you need :

1 large glass picture frame (frame detachable type out) 
- 1 leaf of coconut 
- Pull

The treatment leaves Coconut: coconut leaves you so cool, dry place to dry. If leaves tarnish the color you mix the powder and water are then scanned and continue to dry up offline!

How the mural as follows:

Step 1 : 

-  First, you get out of coconut leaves, fold the leaves on the stem 1 into a V-shape as shown in Fig.

Step 2 : 

-  Next, you are always just fold down 2nd leaf.

Step 3 : 

-  Fold the foil similar to the above and then also inserted respectively as shown in Fig.

Step 4 : 

-  To begin assembly of paintings, you remove the frames apart.

Step 5 : 

-  You trim to top of coconut leaves, then inserted between two pieces of glass in picture frames and mounting bracket is completed. 

- To improve life for the painting, after completion of the folding step leaves, you varnish coated on the entire leaf offline!

So murals from coconut leaves your unique super completed I got you!

You hang on wall paintings or to drum up desks are beautiful.

Those who prefer minimalist style will not be able to ignore the unique style of this work where paintings!

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