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Flower arrangement of beads

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Beautiful sprig with vivid colors for home decor! Radiant shine beads plus the natural look of the bouquet will delight fans of floral arrangements. These flowers will never fade, no fade, does not require complex care or special conditions. But undoubtedly cause attention and admiring glances of others!

The shape of the petals, he is very similar to a lily. However, the pitch can be made of any length, and independently regulate the thickness of each of them.
This combined 2 floret color (golden border and peach petal color), leaves made of green beads and core - of the yellow. The wire is better to use 0.3 - 0.5 mm and a copper necessarily.

Each element (as in the petal and the sheet) must be about 20 cm of the wire.

Weave these details, in principle, it is easy, but the time and effort to this work still require. Remember regularity and considerably facilitate the work presented below will help scheme

Beads first string on one side of the wire, and then passed through the small beads and a second end of it, "pulling" in both parts of the loop.

As indicated in the scheme begins with a gold-colored beads, in the next row have their 3, then 4.

A complete weaving lobe so many beads, which begins.

On the one necessary to weave flower petals 7..

Further, they should be evenly distributed around the perimeter of the flower (or rather in a circle), gently twisting the wire

making the same distance between them.

The core is also very similar to its prototype, because it is a lily stamens are black.

Weave them is easy: 3 strung yellow and one black bead, runs on the same end of the wire through a series of yellow (leaving intact black beads) and tighten.

Total Makes about 5 of stamens, and then fix them in the middle of the finished flower.

A branch collected randomly, placing flowers on the personal discretion.

And only then proceed to the greening of the bouquet. Looking at the finished branch to determine the number of sheets easier, besides, they can try, and finally select locations.
Tat sheet in the same way, just make it a bit wider

There is already the middle part consists of a series of 5 beads, which are repeated 6 times in a row.

Leaflets are fixed in the right places, reeling them on top of the stem and then all wrapped with a thin green yarn

The lower end of the branch is better to make a longer to flower could enter in a vase with a high neck. Still it is possible to put it in a flower pot, filling in the bottom of the liquid 


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