How to colored sand and glue drawings

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Dear readers, if it’s time at sea or on the shore of the lake 🙂 While snow is not zaporoshil all the land, let’s fill their coffers fine sand 🙂 And if the sand has all the snow, then it can be purchased at hardware store 🙂
The fine sand, we need to create here is such a beautiful mural, by selecting the appropriate for him under your interior stencil. The main tools for the creation of this mural is sand, glue and stencil!

Choose from 2 ways!
1 capable stencil cut out, we put it on a surface already decorated of top it with liquid glue, which immediately sprinkle sand. And without waiting for drying – remove the stencil and run to the sink with water to wash it from the layer of adhesive 🙂

2 capable if you are dealt a black background, then on otprintovannom stencil on the reverse side we put white coal. or rub the remnant of white soap, and then impose a stencil and draw the contour sharp enough wand end. On the surface to be decorated will print contour drawing.
By the way, there is another way to transfer the image to the surface-: the contour of the figure make holes with an awl, and then applied to the surface and the top prochpokivam hosiery bag. in which starch or flour is sprinkled on.
After the pattern is transferred to the surface, we use a thin brush, which are starting to fill the separate fragments and glue until the glue is dry, sprinkle it on top of sand.
Sharp objects do in the sandy layer deposited until it is dry and thin cutting veins. and until the glue has dried wand cleans the edge, making it more smooth and flows smoothly.
Agree, it came out very nice, cheap 
I hope you will come in handy this idea 🙂 A stencil in my diary much on any subject, so you go and choose the one that will suit the style of your interior 🙂
Good luck in all your endeavors! 🙂

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