How to make “daisy” from the paper for scrapbooking

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For work, we need the following material:
1) Drawing Paper Square. 180 gr. or for pastel paper square. 160-180 gr.
2) Punch “Daisy” 5 cm.
3) Suitable for stamping tools ,knife for cutting paper
4) pliers, wire cutters.
5) Rolls Embossing number 3 and 8 mm.
6) Clay time transparent or UHU glue.
7) PVA glue.
8) Brush.
9) paint for the printer is red and yellow, or watercolors.
10) Shtampelnye pads (light green and white).
11) mat embossing.
12) The wire thickness of 1 mm.
13) acrylic varnish (optional)
14) Any paste for modeling and sculpting.
15) Munk or colored glitter.

For the “daisies” I used just such a paper for pastels Square. 160 gr.

And so, let’s start our MC. Prepare a lot of details like this punch. I punch 5 cm

To pick the right tool stamping about here with the ribs.

Self embossing I chose the handle of the pliers.

Soak in warm water harvesting.

Put on a towel.

Getting embossed billet pressing a finger to a handle with a good touch.

Should receive, here are beautiful reflennye workpiece.

It can be done and here are the workpiece with a recess at the end of the petals.

Make them with scissors “wave”

Take 3 mm Bulka and begin to emboss the upper edge of each petal, just a small little corner.

Here’s what happened.

We overturn our billet.

Take Bulku more, for 8 mm and a start in the middle of a circular motion emboss.

Obtained here are blank. For a “daisy” we need two parts.

Take the glue and dripping onto the middle of a piece. It is possible and PVA glue

It is applied to the second workpiece in a staggered manner and Bulka 8mm presses and laminating the middle.

Our billet “daisies” ready.

While the “daisy” dry, take a wire of 40 cm and a thickness of 1 mm and cut it into four parts, 10 cm.

Pliers are doing here is a curl.

Now turn down the side.

The dried blanks, make small holes with an awl.

Midway point we coat with glue or transparent glue UHU.

Insert the wire and glue to the workpiece.

The second phase of the MC, blanks sepals. We take the same punch 5 cm square paper for pastels. 160 gr. Green colour.

Moisten the workpiece

For seredinok we need a paste for modeling or molding, which hardens in the air. You can replace the foam or peas, bead.

Make a thin sausage, about 6-7 mm thick.

For painting seredinok, take the paint for the printer or watercolors.

Mix red and yellow paint, get orange.

I do so, 1 drop of red and yellow 20 drops.

You can make the center and brown. Mix dark brown with orange

Brown painted watercolor paint and acrylic paint, orange paint for the printer

In place midway decoys can be covered and dry glitter, yellow or orange.

You can cover and thus acrylic lacquer for gloss. Do not necessarily.

It remains only to stick midway chamomile flower.

Apply glue point clear or UHU glue in the middle of a flower.

Either applied directly on the midway.


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