How to make frames from colored paper

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 Frame out of colored paper

We need:
1. Coloured paper
a2. Glue
3. Scissors
4. Photos
5. cardboard
6. rope
7. Self-adhesive paper

On a piece of cardboard (I have the size 23h18sm) draw out the photo, which then will insert here

Make a hole for the string and make a loop on which we hang our framed.

Rear self-adhesive glue desired color.

Cut the strips of colored paper, a width of about 5-6 centimeters. But most importantly, that the width of the strips was the same !!! Otherwise, the tube may get different.

And then we cut the desired length of the strip, and cheat on the arrow.

These are the tubes I did. Screw them on a thin pencil, it can be seen in the photo with accessories.
In the main photo I have a different frame, the very first. For her, I turned the tube onto the rod from the handle.

Sticking tubes as we want around the dinner photo. Feet above and below in advance is necessary to leave room for long tubes

Here it is. To the photo is not glued to the frame, with a picture pressed under these long tubes that will be glued only at the edges.

Here the tube

It turns out this frame. Photos will be very easy to insert and it does not fall out.
And … I almost forgot, our picture frame can be covered with varnish. I covered the very shiny)

courtesy: stranamasterov

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