How to make origami rosebud in a flowerpot

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To work required 1 sheet of A4 paper and a pink sheet of green paper 1.5:

Everyone is different, but still – beautiful!

Of the rectangle we do square. From the square – a double triangle tulip do from the double triangle, with the double triangle need to inflect dull corner (depth somewhere – 2 cm). How to do it, and how to make a flower of a rose can be viewed

The rest of the square of the sheet are 2-fold:


two (ie, divided into 4 parts)

Select the square (4, when the deploy)

obtained are 4 small squares (to be cut), it will be an additional petals. Entire sheet eventually will go to the rose.

And so that’s streak remains:

Fold in half along the long side, spin on the rod and place in the center of the tulip

Here tulip already have extra petals

We make them out of small squares: all sides of the square to the diagonal


Pasted into between the petals of a tulip:

All the petals twist and obtain a rosebud:

The large green square we put the petal to the stem. 
And the rest of the square of the add up as follows:

turn over and repeat on the other side

fold in half slightly obliquely

slightly curl:

Adding to the leaves:

How to make a vase –
Leaflets can twist or folds lay-accordions.
The remaining piece of vases green, too, can be turned into petals (photo 17-22). Rose on the stalk with all the petals in a bowl put the star:

You can add a butterfly or a bow and a gift to mum ready:

courtesy: stranamasterov

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