How to make peacock from decoration of ganutell

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Today I present to you my Pavlusha MK, with the use of technology in the decoration of “ganutell”.

For the base I used a foam sheet for volume had to stick together with glue, PVA few words. Stationary knife trimming a little bit to give form to the body …

Then started the production of “feathers” in the technique of “Ganutell”. Copper wire has wound on needle plump as to obtain a spiral. From the arched steel wire molds, tins strung on the spiral and further obkrutila nylon thread, it brilliantly. To pile on the edge of the spiral on the hot glue pasted yarn grass white 

Torso missed PVA glue and sprinkle with finely chopped nylon thread and sequins white with a blue tint. To decorate the head used round sequins with blue pearl-blue (twisted on the principle of manufacturing stamens for flowers) 8 pieces and glued the crown ….
“Feather” on each wing 4 and 7 round oval blanks.
To Tail: 19 long feathers (on legs … at the base of the wire), 5 and 4 round oval shape (short) into the ground)

The view from all sides))) in the middle, long feathers small plastic blue snowflakes 

courtesy: stranamasterov

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