How to make santa claus in quilling techniques

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we will tell you how to make Santa Claus from the paper quilling technique.

 For the production of Santa Claus, you will need:
 – White, beige, red and black strip of paper for quilling;
 – Golden piece of paper (plaque strap);
 – Quilling tool, PVA glue.
  Santa Claus in quilling techniques step by step:
   To create a body of Santa Claus you need to make a long strip, which should be closely connected together about 16-20 bands (a total of about 6 m long) to produce the desired roll diameter for Santa suit (photo 2-3). Bolt for the lid and the sleeves were both 8 and 6 bars, respectively.

Form a roll for Santa outfits for belly with your fingertip (photo 4). Cover the rolls with the inside of the glue and allow to dry (photo 5

Their golden (or beige, if you want to) paper, cut a small square (approximately 1 cm by 1 cm) (photo 6). In the center of the two holes cut out for the “belt” (photo 7). Pass the black bar (about 3 mm) through a gap, as shown in Figure 8, and then through the other.
 After a stretch black band – get “strap” for Santa Claus costume (photo 9). Spend a line of glue on the “dome” for Santa outfits (Photo 10). Glue along the line piece of the white band (photo 11). Also glue the white strip on the bottom edge of the “dome” – Santa’s costume is almost ready! You just need to insert the “belt” along the center of the suit.

Then do a cap and a sleeve for the costume. What twist rolls and give them the appropriate form (photos 14-16)

Along the lower edge of the workpiece for cap should also stick a white stripe. The tip to decorate pompon with white stripes (photo 18). Make Santa beard – take a white band and wind them as pictured 19-20.

Take a roll of 8 bands beige color and shape of his face. Here, as a ready blank eye they have been used, but they can also be drawn. Place the roll in the face of the cap so as to remain a small incision for insertion of “Hair” (photo 21). Twist roll for the spout of a beige-colored stripes (photo 22). Twist some white rolls for the barbs (Photo 23).

Make shoes – twist roll of 3 black stripes (30 cm each) (Photo 24). Then the right side of the roll to do a sort of “pop-up” – this is the front part of the shoe (Photo 25). Cut 2 cm strips for the production of red feet (photos 26-27).Insert legs to the body so that Santa could stand (photo 28).

Make two 1-way tight coil – handles. Click on them to give them an oval shape (photo 29). It is also possible to make any decoration to handle it.

Santa Claus in the technique of quilling is ready!
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