Postcard Origami "shirt and tie"

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present to you a postcard, in the technique of origami , "shirt and tie". This card is quite simple to make and all you need is a color paper, a sheet of cardboard and some free time. If desired, on a postcard, you can add a bit of decorative elements to your liking

Materials for a card:
1. The color of paper the size of 20x30 cm (I took a black paper);
2. square piece of paper the size of 9x9 cm (I took a pink two-way paper);
3. The sheet of cardboard;
4. scissors, pencil;
5. PVA glue or a thin double-sided tape.

Materials for decorating cards:

1. satin ribbon 0,6 cm olive green;
2. ornamental ribbon 1 cm;
3. jute twine and a metallic gold color floss;
4. The piece of white lace;
5. little satin ribbon 1 cm pink and green;
6. Button pink and black thread.

Process performance

Step 1: make a shirt

Take a sheet of two-sided colored paper sizes 20x30 cm. Very nice look crafts on paper with a picture,

Fold paper doubled in length. Expand.

Then the folded the paper along the length of the line to the middle, first one and then the other.

On the left side from the center area wrap to the left side, about 5 cm from the top. Symmetrical wrap right corner of the right side.

Overturn crafts. On the opposite side of the wrapped strip forward collar wrap paper into 1 cm wide.

Again overturn crafts. Wrap paper with the folded strip to the front line in the middle, approximately 1-1.5 cm from the top (as shown in the photograph).

Wrap the middle of the paper and insert it in the outer edge formed by the collar. To shirt firmer hold, it is possible to glue or double-sided tape with white glue.

Step 2: form a tie

For the production of necktie take a square sheet of paper the size of 9x9 cm. Pencil draw on the square on the diagonal line.

Tuck corner from the left side to the front line in the middle. Symmetrically folded the right corner to the middle of the line.

Overturn crafts. Wrap the upper acute corner forward, about 2 cm.

Again, wrap the top corner, up to the middle. At the top of the figure must be formed in the form of a trapezoid. Wrap the resulting trapezoid up to the middle.

Overturn crafts. Wrap the outside left corner to the middle of the line. Symmetrical wrap the outer right angle to the line in the middle.

Tie is ready! Glued tie under the collar of his shirt.

Step 3: paste it into a shirt cardboard

The size of the shirt is cut out from a cardboard blank for a card.

Glued shirt with a tie in a cardboard blank.

Step 4: add decorative elements

Since the card looked somewhat boring, I decided to decorate it.

Initially I covered the black paper shirt golden glitter. Then she wrapped the shirt protruding corners, on the one hand inside the card, on the other - on the wrong side of the card.

She took the pink button and ask her black thread. Then glued to the bottom button of his shirt.

From olive ribbon shaped bow and paste it into the bottom corner of the crafts.

Gold Glitter painted on a tie treble clef.

Side postcard Jute twine tied together with a metallic gold color floss

From decorative ribbon with silver sparkles olive color cut two small pieces and glued them on the tie.

Satin ribbons 1 cm pink and green shaped rosettes. From white lace handkerchief-shaped boutonniere, and pasted it rosettes. Glued buttonhole on the shirt.

"shirt and tie" is ready.


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