Powerful Fat Burning Basil Drink That Helps You Lose Stomach Fat While Sleeping

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Combining ingredients that have proven to be effective when it comes to improving the overall digestive system and facilitating the process of losing fat especially the fat that targets the most critical part of the body, namely the belly fat that poses such a serious health treat on so many different levels.
High in water content, rich in fiber and established as great metabolism boosting agents, all these ingredients are carefully chosen to help you achieve your goal and trim the tummy fat quite effectively.
All you need is to drink this without eating anything else during the dinner time. What you will accomplish is cleansing the body of all the impurities that dwell in the system, melt the fat deposits and speed up metabolism and nourish the cells to help them get optimal performance.
1 cucumber
1/2 lime
8 fresh basil leaves
1 tsp. grated ginger
2 cups water
Slice the given ingredients, chop the basil and add the water and grated ginger. You drink this in the evening period. You don’t eat or drink anything else until you go to bed.  Drink this ultimate fat burning drink for a period of 3 weeks and you will slim down extremely fast.

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